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1: Shibari and Tantric Ropes


Join this workshop to be introduced to the art of Shibari, when it meets Tantra. It is about using the rope to establish a safe space to practice a deeper connection with your partner. Discover and practice how to combine The Tantric Touch, when using only one rope. 


  • Short introduction to Shibari / Kinbaku and its history. 

  • Introduction to the four elements from tantra. How to implement the right touches to the right needs

  • Touching exercise

  • Understanding the psychology and polarity in playing with ropes. 

  • Communication and non-verbal communication. 

  • Exercise with ropes: Ichi Nawa 


-    Curiosity and Openness. 


  • The exercises are carried out in groups of two people. 

  • We suggest wearing yoga-like clothes for the workshop. 

  • If you have ropes, bring them with you.

Flags: Touching others, beginners

2: Healthy Yes and No's     (blue from 19:00 to 21:15)  


Learn what Personal Boundaries mean to you and how to identify them. 

There are plenty of guidelines on how to protect your boundaries. Yet, often times, the struggle is to know, to sense and to realize, where your boundaries are – in good time – before they get violated, by others or by yourself. 

During this workshop explore how and when your boundaries are triggered, and whether you should revisit, what you consider as boundary. 


  • Boundaries … what are boundaries to you

  • How and why boundaries are so individual and dynamic 

  • How to authentically be in contact with them 

  • Wheel of consent and the different mindsets 

  • Consent-exercise (3x5 min = 15 min; no, want to, willing to)


Some of the exercises have a better outcome if they are carried out with different partners. You are, of course, welcome to work only with your own partner.

Flags: For everyone.  

3: Yoni pleasure      (blue from 19:00 to 21:15)  


Every woman has her own unique sexuality - just like every fingerprint is unique. More than men, women vary in their anatomy and their sexual responses. Yet, there are also similar anatomical and functional features that can bring waves of pleasure and joy. Whether you have a vulva or are an admirer of her, you could benefit from this workshop. 

Join in to learn more about the hidden magics of the yoni: How to apply pleasure to her. How to begin. How to praise the pussy - and how to give aftercare. Thus, create a more profound connection with your own, and/or, your partner’s pussy. Gain a deeper understanding of your/your partner’s orgasmic potentials and take the pleasure into your own hands.


  • Anatomy of the yoni

  • How to establish connection with the yoni 

  • How to relief painful points and turn them into neutral or pleasurable hidden gems. 

  • Hands on exercise: How to apply pleasure 

  • Hands on exercise: Explore the orgasmic potentials

  • Hands on exercise: How to end the journey with the yoni respectfully 


This workshop is intended for individuals and couples (and triads, etc). It is best/safest if you join the workshop, with somebody you feel safe with -especially during the hands-on exercises. 

Flags: For everyone.

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