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This international festival, Passion of Life, on the theme of Unity of Hearts is a gathering of extraordinary facilitators, spiritual teachers, masters, healers, and change makers which brings participants, teachers and assistants together from many countries to Turkey.

All About The Festival

The Festival has heartful interactions, sharing circles/pods, workshops, DJs, musicians, learning, feeling and connection with powerful healers and brilliant souls with a burning passionate frame and soul of burners community.


What makes this event so special is the people coming together to create our global community who are just as dedicated to their own transformation moving through the layers of their personality to their essence as you are. 


Top-notch teachers and experts in this field are called by the rising of the divine energy fields in Turkey. A home where the divine Mother Mary's Home is located. A pilgrimage route that started and ended in Mother Mary's home in Selcuk, İzmir Turkey. 

Why Türkiye? 

Türkiye has been the geographical centre of the world! Turkey's rich and diverse cultural and political history is enough to attract anyone to the region. Anatolia has been the cradle of many civilizations, first temples of the world have been founded on this land for thousands of years. Sailing to your soul will take you to step by step through those civilizations.


Who is welcome? 

The Passion of Life Festival welcomes everyone who is passionate to live, explore more, learn, be in the flow, grow, shine, dive into the depth of our souls. All gender types, gender fluids, and all colors of the rainbow are invited. 

This is a space of no judgement, love, divinity, heartful space, gifting, serving to each other with love, grace, bliss, joy, laughter, tears, hugs, intimacy, tantra, sexual energy, sensuality, communication healthy yes and no's, boundaries, emotional release techniques, dynamics with our parents, partners, lovers and much more.


What do we offer? 

Heartful connections, love, dance, bliss, awareness, consciousness, temple nights, creativity, amazing music, performers, ecstatic dance, body, soul and mindful learnings to take to tour daily life, workshops by top-notch teachers and private sessions. All are offered with passionate hearts and are devoted to living a full life free from the layers of guilt and shame!

In a nutshell : 

  • We offer many parallel workshops tailored for beginners to more advanced people

  • Workshops, meditations all day long with top-notch best teachers

  • Colorful heart touching opening and closing circles

  • Sharing circles every day

  • Private sessions 

  • Various dances

  • Meet, connect, grow with like-minded souls from all over the world

  • Hands-on workshops designed to accelerate your personal growth

  • Amazing tasty Turkish food

  • ​​Amon hotels in Antalya with clean spacious rooms, 3 swimming pools, and free shuttle service to the nearby sea..( Passion of Life Festival May 2-6 venue and from Integration to Bliss workshop May 8-9 )


Who are the teachers? 

Top-notch international teachers with long years of experience. Our keynote speaker, the world’s leading authority on Tantra, called The queen of Tantra - acclaimed author, public speaker, teacher and seminar leader. International bestselling author of 7 books, sold +17mio copies.
Please see all our teachers.

Why the Passion of Life Festival? What will this festival bring me?


This year's theme is UNITY OF HEARTS


Sexuality and divine union are very powerful words yet they have much more aspects to discover and learn. We are all born with this powerful Mother and Father's creative energy. Sexuality is so much more than genitals as we learned in schools, it is mostly a taboo word yet so sacred... There is so much suppression, hiding, shame and guilt around those words and we want to offer awareness, Consciousness to a unity of hearts and transformation. We will learn tools we can take into our daily life like intimacy, communication, polarity, fragility, playfulness, innocence, discovery, sex magic, divinity, creation and more! Workshops are offered with clothes on, massage sessions with swimwear or underwear or to the level you feel comfortable birth clothing! We create a safe container with boundaries, healthy yes and no, wheel of consent.


We use sexual/ creation energy, the most powerful life force energy as a means to reach the divinity within each one of us.


We hold and support each other in the sacred realms, with the loving care and support of top-notch teachers. We have an emotional support group of psychotherapists and therapists as an emotional support group. Yet this is not a therapy space but rather flows and grows in the rising of this sacred energy from all energy centers in our body, melting in our heart space. 


Who are the participants? 

This is a great gathering of singles, couples, guys, all genders, and gender fluids.

70 per cent international and 30 per cent Turkish.


Come, even if you don't need to have any previous experience.

Come if you have a lot of or medium-level experience...


"Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshipper, lover of living, it doesn't matter Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come even if you have broken your vow a thousand times, Come, yet again, come, come."

As quoted in Mevlana and Path of Love


Come whoever you are to the love... as Rumi from the mystic lands of Türkiye invites we are inviting you to these ancient lands where the first temples in history have been erected...


Facebook Group & Instagram


If you haven't already joined our private Facebook group you can do so HERE.

And Follow us on instagram to get updates about the festival & other events.

It's a great way to connect with the Passion of Life Community from around the world and see what people are up to and get updates.


if you have any questions regarding the Passion of Life Festival or other packages offered, feel free to send an email to


Looking forward to celebrating life alongside you in Türkiye.

Dassana Bambi & The Passion of Life Team



+46 728 880 877



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