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Rowan Andrews

1.A taste of the divine 

Through short guided meditations and discussions, let Rowan give you a taste of the divine, the unseen, ever-present, infinite awareness in the background and at the heart of all experience and that is in you!

From this experiential exploration you will sample the nature of reality.  Journeying from our conditioned dualistic perception of the world, through to the actual experience of the presence of infinite awareness. 

The nature of consciousness was known, explored and recorded by the ancient classical non-dual tantric spiritual gurus. The state otherwise know as Bliss.

Rowan will guide you to understanding, experientially, what is meant by Shakti and Siva in the teachings of classical tantra, enabling you to understand the differences between the divine masculine and feminine and how these influence your life. And he will guide you to find the light in all experience, whether lost in the throes of passion and pleasure or suffering in the depths of crisis. 

This experiential spiritual and philosophical romp will equip you to find the peace and happiness that is our true nature.  His teachings will enable participants and practitioners to feel the silence in all experience, the tranquility, peace and joy over the neediness, longing and self doubt that most of us are in a constant battle to overcome. 

These sessions have the potential to impact all areas of life, from relationships and sexual intimacy, to creativity, family, work and business. 

“It is from our true nature that we get to see and feel our abundant resource for change, growth and ultimately happiness. 

“These sessions will form the backbone for you to take all areas of you life from the transactional to the transcendent.” 

Rowan Andrews
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