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Kami Sinan

1. Transfiguration Workshop

Transfiguration is to see the other person from a higher perspective, recognizing that each of us hold the divine essence within us. How we perceive life is directly relevant to how much we are connected to our deeper self, true self. Once we come to this transandantal space, we commune with others at a more subtle perception, fully present and beyond duality.

This workshop includes, a theory lecture that explains what is behind the transfigurative awareness, and includes several practices to solidify the teachings.

2. Maituna Ceremony

When sex is performed as a sacred ritual with the proper intention, it elevates the mundane to the spiritual. A ritual has a magical or transcendental energy and is a bridge between the known and the unknown. In Tantra, ritualistic lovemaking is considered to be the most direct method to achieve liberation within this lifetime.

Turning love making into a ritual starts with setting an intention: the result of any action is determined by this intention - for that matter. Once an intention is set, ritual can be spontaneous, but spontaneous ritual requires conscious intuitive awareness and emotional constancy to be effective.  It is best to follow certain steps in the initial phases.

Maituna Ceremony is designed to connect the partners at a more elevated state of consciousness through the guidance of their chakra systems, preparing for sexual union, divine communion. This will be a ceremonial space and technique will be shared with ultimate respect and consenting to boundries .

3. Sex Magic

The Sex Magic Temple is a place where we understand the power of sexual energy as a manifestation of the creative, creator force on earth. By channeling our sexual desires and drives in a conscious way and directing them towards the divine, we can achieve any goal we desire.

Sex Magic teachings have been passed down from ancient tradition to the present day, offering practical methods to use our sexual energy to achieve tangible results in our lives and on a spiritual level.

In the context of sexual Tantra, we not only focus on self-healing but also extend our energy towards the healing of our communities. Through this, we can create a space for the divine feminine essence to penetrate our lives, allowing us to better understand our life's purpose and intentionally create the life we want.

Kami Sinan
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