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Gökçe Es

1.Sound Journey

Gökçe in her sound journey sessions, creates a meditative acoustic sound field with the complementary vibration of various instruments and vocal intonations. With the sound vibrations formed in this area, the brain waves slow down, first to alpha, which is the initial phase of meditation, and then to theta state by slowing down even more. At this level, the state of consciousness changes, and through the sounds, attention takes a journey inward, towards the essence. With this focused attention, the energy begins to work on intention. It is the intention that determines the course of the journey. While the sound journey sheds light on a renewed purpose, creativity, feelings of peace and happiness; being able to surrender to the flow frees the mind from the patterns of conditioning and judgment and invites it to the space of deep relaxation and deep listening.

2. Trans Dance

Trans dance is a journey where we experience the essence of dance, rather than simply dancing in an area without boundaries or constraints, as ancient communities and tribes used for healing purposes. By blindfolding ourselves and allowing our bodies to move freely to the rhythm of our breath, we create a space where we can disconnect from the chatter of our minds and connect more deeply with our heart. This helps us establish a stronger bond with our heart space.

Gökçe Es
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