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Deva Dwabha

Dr. Prabhavati Dwabha. 

Her fight against social injustice began early growing up on American Indian reservations in southern Colorado. At 17 she followed her dream of acting to Hollywood where she co-founded the H.E.L.P(Healthy Environments Learning  Possibilities) providing free education in the Arts to Los Angeles's poorest slum children.

She worked alongside Angela Davis with The Black Panthers serving “Healthy Breakfast” for slum kids living in Watts before enrolling in U.C.L.A. to complete her doctorate in Psychodrama Theatre.


Dwabha‘s path led her to the feet of her first, of many, spiritual masters in India, where she continued to teach Psychodrama and create theatrical productions in the Poona Ashram.  She later co-created the famous International Women's Liberation group guided personally by Osho.
He said" all women are victims of Ancestral conditioning of male dependence reaching all the way back to the Cave. Out of this deep-conditioned fear women will try to enslave men using any manipulation sex, etc .to ensure they are not abandoned. Unless and until both sexes are liberated from this conditioning, humanity cannot evolve to  awakening."


She continued to share this group with women around the world for the past 34 years. She modified and added Shadow Work, Family Constellations, Ancestral Trauma Healing, and many meditations to enhance the process with extraordinary results.

Her second Spiritual Master sent her to spend 1 year living in a cave in silence on the banks of the River Ganges. He then directed her to establish Ramana’s Garden, a loving Home and school there on the banks of the Ganges;  a sanctuary to 60+ children of the ‘untouchables’ caste. She educates and feeds 200+ daily; many of whom she has rescued from child trafficking.

She lives in Rishikesh, India and has devoted her lift to uplifting and empowering women and children from sexual abuse, forced labor, poverty and illiteracy.

She has received prestigious humanitarian awards celebrating her indomitable spirit and deep commitment to the underprivileged. 


Bhakti Yoga Festival 2017 Spiritual Humanitarian Award

Divine Shakti Leadership All India 2018

The ONE who gives the most Hong Kong 2018


She still travels the world teaching and offering Tarot mainly in Bali, Turkey, Transylvania, and Spain.

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Feride Gürsoy

Feride, as a researcher on human nature, continues her work as a practitioner and educator and share her experience for the last 25 years. Over the years, she has attended family constellation trainings and seminars from teachers such as Svagito Liebermeister, Mehmet Zararsızoğlu, Stephan Hausner, Bert Hellinger, Albrecht Mahr, collective trauma training from Tirzah Firestone and Thomas Hübl and shamanic trance and ritual trainings from Daniel Foor, Steven Farmer, Sandra Ingermann, Daan Van Kampenhout. She also completed trauma healing training from Somatic Experience Institute, advanced training from Raja Selvam, Ale Duarte, attachment psychology training from Diane Poole Heller, and Functional Nutrition training from Andrea Nakayama.
She shares her knowledge through her seminars ‘’Ancestral Healing’’ and ‘’Relationship Constellations’’ which she designed by emerging the methods she finds useful in her quest to be at peace with life, with her own experiences and the knowledge she accumulated through many group works she carried as a trainer and guide.
Feride, who wholeheartedly believes that the way to know ourselves and regain our strength by making peace with life as individuals, is to gain the understanding the functioning of our body, attachment models of ourselves and our ancestors that opened the way for us and to be aware of their effects on our individual existence. She is currently running ‘’Ancestral Somatics Training’’ that offers a holistic study area and approach with nervous system physiology, attachment theory, collective, individual and intergenerational trauma topics, family constellation and systemic constellation approach, inner child study, energetic studies and subliminal techniques.


Joséphine de Retour (Dj)

World citizen of French origins, International Dj and event organizer, Joséphine de Retour is at her best when creating unity on the dance floors through her deep and intricate sound journeys.
Having explored the mystical lands of Turkey over the past years, learned with the healers, all the while playing at the best clubs of Europe and Middle East, she had a calling for combining her love for captivating and hypnotic sets to her spiritual quest. 
With the Ecstatic Rave, she aims at doing just that: 
creating a sacred space where movement and electronic music merge in perfect harmony, a meditative and healing flow where the participants are invited to experience a mesmerizing moment of presence, union of hearts and awareness.


Özgür Baba

Özgür Baba is a Turkish folk singer and musician who plays the cura baglama and sings folk songs adapted from the verses of the great mystic poets of his land.

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Simon practices the arts of Shibari, Dominance and Tantra.

Simon has been a rigger; practicing for more than ten years at Kinbaku Lounge as well as Copenhagen Shibari Dojo (Yukimura Haruki’s teachings). He has been instructor in Kinbaku Lounge.

His “thing” is to melt Tantra, Polarity and Shibari/Kinbaku into one game, serving sensuality, safety, intimacy, vulnerability and the deep desire for connection, submission, and domination.

He creates a safe space for power, trust, presence, polarity, and surrender to set the scene for deep play and connection.
He is a Certified Tantra Therapist and has a background as Cognitive Behavior Therapist. His approach to transformation, healing and development is a blend of mind and body work.


Simon is also a university professor. He brings in relevant aspects of his professional background to structure and convey information in a more accessible and grounded manner.


Gökçe Es

She is as she is, a child, a woman, a mother, a friend, a lover, a performance artist, a traveler, a witness, a sound healer, a yoga instructor, a musician, a nature lover, or none. A passenger who searches for her essence in existence, tries new paths with curiosity and excitement, and walks on the road with love. Gökçe believes that in this mandala that connects us by colorful threads, that we call life, our greatest teacher is the unique experiences we have. She organizes classes, sessions, workshops and retreats in the fields of yoga, meditation, sound healing in which she has experience for many years, where she guides every person to reveal his/her own potential. She is the dreamer of the music group "Hemhâl Ol'anlar" which the seed fell in her heart in 2019, she continues to give concerts from heart to heart.

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Bambi Dassana

My intention is to passionately create experiential fields to inspire people and to unleash their potential. 


I love my colorful life, have done and still do many interesting things in life. Life is too short to waste time and be stuck in one field only. I come from business background and dropped all for my passion to serve life, myself and others with the warmth of my heart. 


My wisdom gets deeper with rich life experiences, a passionate life energy, being adventerous, curious and travelling in life.  I have visited more than 90 countries, lived in 5 countries.


My journey started with Osho more than 20 years ago. In time it continued with various spiritual, meditation, energy, and tantra schools, many festivals, body, soul, mind events in various countries, finding gem teachers to assist, translate, organize. In my very unique and creative way I help people getting in touch with their bodies, essence and helping them to unleash their life potential. I give workshops, private sessions and I am the idea manifesting generator for the Concious Sexuality Festival.


I love what I do, satisfaction is my driving force and this is reflected in my work, in many colorful projects I create, in souls and bodies I touch to serve life. I have a very unique and creative mind in offering these. Come and ask me !


Kami Sinan

“We used to live as tribes of nations, now we live as tribes of vibrations”.


Descendant of the last sufi master of the Gelibolu Dergah, Kami Sinan, lead teacher at Spanda Yoga, has been walking the Tantric path for the last 3 decades. 

He started his journey as an engineer, exploring the analytical  perception of modern times. Shifting at early ages towards a more conscious lifestyle, he evolved to be a photojournalist, documenting shaman traditions. Along his spiritual journey, he explored the art of healing with Thai massage therapy, discovered Yoga therapy, became a practitioner of kundalini yoga and has since then been a dedicated practitioner and teacher. 

He practices and teaches Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Thai massage, Classical Tantra, whirling according to Shamanic, Tantric, and Sufi principles. His programs are like a “pressure cooker” dedicated to explore the higher self of whom joins.

Kami Sinan holds Tantra, Massage and advanced YogaTeacher Training courses at our retreat center in Istanbul, and holds together with other Spanda teachers our 200-hour Yoga teacher training programs.

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Li Tadaa

You might not remember what Li said, but what they invited you to feel will be a lasting memory. Li is a queer dancer and lust coach whose research focuses on movement and intimacy as tools for healing, self-expression and our innate gender fluidity.

Li’s work goes deep as they combine playful practices such as dance and conscious kink with somatic therapy and healing practices.

Li has coached over 100 people and has founded the movement practices “Dance into Your Lust” and "Move into Kink" which include aspects of dance and movement therapy, tantra, conscious kink and trauma therapy.

Their work also lie on a foundation of Li's lived experience in Mozambique in combination with other African healing practices and ancestral work.

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Rowan Andrews

Rowan comes from a successful career in the world of business, guiding firms and organisations to fulfil their visions through strategic consultancy. He is the founder of one of the UK’s largest men’s groups and works as a coach to men, women, couples and groups guiding them to awaken to their true nature and live happy.


He was introduced to spiritual tantra by his first teacher Alexa Vartman and has continued his study and practice guided by teachers including David Deida, and Christopher Wallis. For the past three years has immersed himself in studying the non-dual philosophy - which is the essence of classical 1,500-year-old tantric spiritual lineages - as a student of Rupert Spira, the world’s leading teacher of the non-dual philosophy. He has also studied the work of Nisargadatta Maharaj, Jean Klein, Krishnamurti, and Ramana Maharshi.  He is certified as a somatic healer having been taught by Schirin Zorriaseteiny, herself a student of the renowned bodyworker, Marion Rosen. 


Based in the UK, he currently works as a coach and workshop facilitator helping his clients connect, heal and deepen intimacy.

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Sinem Beykurt

Sinem was born in Istanbul, and has a degree in Psychology.


From early-child ages, she has been dancing and singing as a ritual to discover her essence and re-member her connection to the source. 


After she met with Sufi Whirling (Sema) in an international Sufi Gathering in Turkey, she experienced a profound and intensive transformation in her inner journey and began to deepen her research and studies on whirling, healing movements and body awareness, as well as Sufi Songs and Sacred Songs of different traditions of the world.


In 2010 she began her soul-journeys to South-East Asia, Thailand, Nepal, India, and South America, where she studied Meditation, Yoga, Tantra, Mantra, Shamanic Practices and Women's Rituals, all of which has opened up a new dimension in her being to experience and observe the unity of human body, mind and soul, as well as the unity of the whole creation. 


Since many years she has been travelling and studying with indigenous traditions across the world, deepening her advance studies on Psycho-Spiritual work, Tantric Arts, Women’s Rituals, Nada Yoga, and Sacred Indigenous Songs with guidance of very precious teachers, learning from them about the healing power of the voice and medicinal properties of sacred songs vibrations, ancestral wisdom, the mysteries of feminine embodiment practices and self-inquiry.


Sinem has been practising and sharing Sufi Whirling (Sema) and Turkish Sufi Songs for over 15 years and is a life-long student on Sufi path, in service of self- knowledge, for raising the vibrations of human family, to awaken into truth of Love and live in harmony on this beautiful planet earth.

She holds spaces for Sufi Whirling Workshops, Sacred Songs Healing Circles, Mantra Chanting Journeys, as well as Women Circles for Womb Healing and Cyclic Awareness.


She is offering her work, in which her Psychospiritual background is harmoniously blended with ancient Yoga & Tantra, Shamanic and Sound-based practices. 


Sinem believes that our songs and dances are our blissful eternal prayers, which are light portal ways for self knowledge, and through which we embody the ancient knowledge of “Being LoVe”, that our ancestors have been carrying on throughout the time immemorial. 


Franc Duking

My passion in life is to explore and develop experiences that bring more presence and aliveness in the connection between people, between lovers, between dancers. This search has led me into fields like bio-energetics, breathwork, meditation, contact improvisation, dance, tantra and Argentine tango.

More than 20 years of teaching and dancing Tango and practicing tantra have deepened my understanding of what it takes to truly connect to yourself, to others and to the music.


Tantra Tango is the method of teaching I have developed, where I let tango and tantra mutually enrich each other. We work from understanding the natural movement of the body, not from learning steps. Many tantric principles can be experienced directly in learning the tango, like resting in presence, welcoming your experience, the play of masculine and feminine energies, of leading and following, intention and surrender. It will increase your connection, your sensuality and polarity - Shakti dancing on the lap of Shiva…..


We also work on your body awareness and the alignment between head, heart and hara; the coordination between thinking, feeling and being. This way you learn to move with more clarity, in an unambiguous manner. As the tango comes directly from your body it also mirrors how you put yourself into the world in your daily life. It is also great fun, full of humor and playfulness.


I organize retreats of Tantra Tango in the Netherlands and in France. I have a background as a teacher and currently also work at a Democratic School in the Netherlands.

Welcome to dance and explore with me!

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