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Sinem Beykurt

  1. SACRED DANCE OF LOVE - Turning back to the essence

Experience the healing power of sacred whirling ritual to free your soul, and open your heartAwaken into deep Love and connection with the whole universe  Dance is the purest and graceful way of discovering human existence.Sometimes a note, sometimes the sound of the waves, sometimes an inner feeling carries us to love-consciousness and the soul wants to express itself; surrendering into the vibration of the whole creation through embodied movement… When the movement meets Love, it turns into Dance. The person undresses him/herself from being "the dancer", and becomes the Dance itself.Sufi Whirling is a devotional dance practice, a prayer, a meditation in sacred movement, a deep healing ritual of peeling the layers of conditioning and building new pathways to a conscious human-nature, a soul-journey to discovering the pure essence of existence.Everything in the universe is whirling. In Atom, the electron is whirling around the nucleus, Moon is whirling around the World, World is whirling around the Sun, and the whirling person is turning her/his "heart-face" towards the pure Love in his/her core.Through Whirling Rituals we open up ourselves to be tuned with the divine flow of creation, so that our vessels be filled with divine Love, Beauty and Light, and from there all which is being poured into us, is being transmitted to our thoughts, words and actions and with that to all of our relations. With the "Sacred Dance of Love" Workshop we are gonna join our hearts in the sacred circle, and share a voyage to put love into action. You will experience how to whirl in a step by step, simple, yet profound method, combined with Sufi songs and Sufi hymns, help you overcome mental restrictions, so you can access the benefits of this sacred movement meditation.We're gonna go on a journey to surrender our beings into the vibration of the whole creation, feeling the stillness in the movement and peace in the whirling through movement medicine for the heart, awakening into the ray of truth and turning back to the Essence, just be Love All The Universe is Whirling, Why Don't You? Workshop Program: Meeting Circle and explanation about Sufi Whirling.   Guided Meditation for grounding, heart & earth connection Preparatory practices: Body, breath and space awareness exercises Whirling Technique and Practice Sufi Music Singing & Sufi Hymns Chanting Deep Relaxation and Meditation Closing Circle, sharing feelings and insights Duration: The workshop lasts approximately 2 hours. And right after the session, at least 20-30 minutes of Mauna (silence) is highly recommended for introspection. Since it's a very deep inner process, giving at least 30 minutes free time before going into another class is recommended.(If there’s time-restrictions, we can always modify to a shorter version of the workshop) Clothing and what to bring along: Please wear clothes, with which you can move comfortably, long skirts can be worn, if wanted. Please bring along 2 pairs of feet-hugging socks, your water-bottle, and a shawl for final relaxation. Yoga Mats: We will need yoga mats: During the session some people might need to relax, lay down in between whirling rounds, and at the end of the session there will be a part for deep relaxation. 

2. Ecstatic Shamanic Dance

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Sinem Beykurt
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