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Li Tadaa

1.Healthy Partnerships!

What is the difference between an adult healthy relationship and one that is driven by attachment? Li will share their knowledge and give simple exercises to separate our childhood needs from sexual desires for you to understand the consequences when these get mixed up… Be prepared emotionally for a deeper journey. 

2. Energetic Love Making 

Penetration is one energy, receptiveness is another. Are you use to being in only one role? In this workshop we will learn how to step into both of these independently of gender and fully sense the other. In our lives, most of us have learnt that sex is about genital penetration, at the same time I’m sure that all of us at some point have had that kind of sex but without actually feeling anything. Because in reality, what most of us long for is feeling connected, fully open and in union with the other, and this we can learn energetically, clothes on! You might experience the most sensitive, heart-opening lovemaking you have felt. 

3. Dance into Your Lust

As we understand our body and its energies, we can discover how yin and yang live inside of us as two powerful we can access resources independently of gender. Tantra can in this way invite us to connect to our inner oneness, our divine union within. 

Shake it loose and break free. Using Afro-Brazilian rhythms and their orixás, the African deities, we will dance and expand who we can be. 

Li Tadaa
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