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Deva Dwabha

 1: Ancesteral Trauma Healing


We come from a long lineage of sexual abuse, discrimination, shame, and guilt. Our ancestors were persecuted for expressing and enjoying their sexuality, esp. women, who were even burned alive and labeled witches. Religions condemned our sexuality as sin. Very few of our ancestors were able to heal and resolve their grave emotional and physical traumas. These traumas are passed on to future generations in our DNA. It is now up to us to reclaim our sexual health by discovering how we are still unconsciously re-enacting these traumas in our own sexuality and break this chain of distortions that rob us of our sexual freedom and joy.

We will work together to open and heal anything that limits us from fully experiencing the Divine aspects of our sexuality and help us reclaim the sensuality, passion, delight, gratification, intimacy, and freedom we deserve.

Your sexuality is a mirror of your being and it reflects your love, but also your tensions and wounds. This workshop provides a safe, nourishing, healing space to explore and heal the roots of our sexuality. You discover and understand more about your own sexuality separate from your ancestor's trauma through family constellations, psychodrama, and guided meditations that give you insights on a deeper level. They help your unconscious draw your attention to hidden territories where old sexual patterns still dictate your sexual experiences.

 We will explore the nature of sexual energy as a profound and powerful source for self-creation that holds great potential for our own transformation. We will learn how to master it so it can be used for the purpose of spiritual development.

It is time to understand how we can re-integrate our own abundant, powerful and beautiful force back into our lives. By releasing the conditioned tension around it and resolving problematic emotional complexity, you can find right there, in you, the ultimate source of power for transformation, enlightenment, and liberation.

This workshop is open to singles and couples.


 2: Opening and Healing The Heart Chakra

The very center of your heart, where life begins, is the most beautiful place on earth. Rumi

Our Heart is responsible for our emotions, soul, and our relationships with the divine, other people, and ourselves. When we suffer heartbreaks, betrayal, jealousy, and loss of love we often close our hearts to protect ourselves. It is difficult to give and receive love again when the heart is closed. When our Heart Chakra is blocked we continue to attract painful situations in our attempts at love.

This workshop is about emotional healing through sharing and receiving Unconditional Love!! 

Connecting to our heart, connecting with other people, through the heart; 

healing intimacy, relationship traumas, and exploring intimacy with our own self and others in a beautiful, safe space of love!

On the path of Tantra, Love is the only healing!!

The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the physical world and the cosmos: between our body and our spirit. Opening and balancing your heart chakra allows past grievances to be released and allows you to open yourself up to love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, and freedom.

When the heart chakra is in healthy alignment you will feel surrounded by love, compassion, and joy and connected to the world around you. You will feel open to all experiences in life, and it will feel like challenges, especially in relationships, flow through you and are resolved with ease. An open heart chakra allows us to see all of the beauty and love around us, and truly connect to ourselves, our loved ones, and the natural world. This chakra also helps direct love back to ourselves to truly be able to love and accept ourselves and our bodies.

Once healed and fully opened, its energy can bring healing to the entire humanity. 


  We will include special meditations where we open our hearts to conscious loving.

  This workshop is for singles or couples.



 3: The Power of Conscious Touch  

Our bodies are our temples and we worship therein by giving and receiving Love. Our sexuality can become our prayer; Our scared Door to Divinity.

In this work, we recognize and honor our partner as a manifestation of the Divine. Through conscious touch we transform every cell in our bodies into an erogenous zone of sensuality and pleasure. We increase our capacity for trust, intimacy, and sensuality, and remove expectations and disappointment. When we are consciously present everything in life can become a sensual, nourishing, nurturing, loving, life-enhancing, and spiritually uplifting experience. This is Mahamudra, The Tantric Orgasim.


I would like to offer any of the following chanting morning meditations 7-8

1.     Reconnecting with our Ancestors ; reaping their gifts, healing their traumas:

          Aad Guray Namah

2.     Creating Abundance Inner and Outer :Balancing Masculine &Feminine Energy

3.     OSHO Nadabhrama: connecting the third eye with the heart

Deva Dwabha
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