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A unique opportunity


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Soul Shine Workshop April 28-30
Breakfast, lunch and dinner (drinks and accommodation excluded).

Passion of Life Festival May 2-6 
Festival workshops, accommodation food, snacks and soft drinks.

From Integration to Bliss Workshop, May 8-9
2 days of workshop, accommodation on May 8,
snacks, soft drinks and transfer to the sailing.

PACKAGE A - Twin Room
2 people sharing a room, per person price.
Early Bird / 1500€ instead of 1750€.
Regular Price / 2250€ instead of 2500€.

PACKAGE B - Private Room
1 person staying in a room.
Early Bird / 2000€ instead of 2150€.
Regular Price / 2500€ instead of 2750€.

PACKAGE C - Luxurious Red Rooms - Twin
(Only 13 rooms)
2 people sharing a room, per person price.
Early Bird / 2150€.
Regular Price / 2650€.

PACKAGE D - Luxurious Red Rooms - Private
(Only 13 rooms)
Single person use.
Early Bird / 3500€.
Regular Price / 4000€.

* * *

Sailing to Your Soul Ticket
Early Bird / 1400€.
Regular Prices / 1700€.

If bought together with one the above Package Deals,
100€ off the Sailing to Your Soul ticket price.

* * *

To reserve your spot, contact
Looking forward to host you in this passionate journey,
Dassana and the Passion of Life Team



💒 April 28 -30 2023 🏛️

Selçuk, Izmir/ Turkey 🇹🇷 

During this sacred journey, we will visit the home of Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus. In her energy, we will celebrate the soft,protective power of the divine Feminine. We will make a request to Mother Mary to allow this healing power to spread and heal the world. And we will meditate in her astral presence to receive her blessings. Then we will visit the Antique City of Ephesus, one of the most well preserved ancient Roman city. 2.5 days workshops. Accomodation will be in a sweet local village well known for its preserved authentic local colour. It is called Şirince 

Early Bird 500€ (until Feb 28th)

Regular 650€

Accomodation not included. Depending on your budget we will propose alternatives starting from 50€ to 150€ per night.


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Integration into Bliss

🎡May 8-9 2023🙏


During these two days we will dive into our inner world and explore the already existing perfection of our awakened spirit. For those who attended the Festival, it will be a chance to integrate the many intense experiences, into Inner Peace. We will Invite more bliss in our body and our psyche.

And we will meditate on this mysterious Tantric Koan discovered by Margot : 

 "What is the art of being desireless at the height of desire" ?

We will practice new and unknown sacred tantric mantras,  to access and to stabilize these blissful states in our daily life.

Starting from 400€ (until Feb 28th)


All inclusive ​

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Sailing to your Soul

⛵ May 9-14 2023🧜‍♀️🧜🏽‍♂️

Starting May 9, we embark on boats as of 18.00, watching sunset and continuing our journey with an expansion to bliss over the sea, by our divine Mother Nature and Father Poseidon.

 Margot Anand, Gopal, Niels Pilaar will be our guests of honor for this journey. 


Daily mediations with the team, crystal clear bays,  visiting antique sites and civilizations, delicious food and sun will melt our souls. Possibility to play the transformation game with Niels Pilaar while sailing. A game which has transformed many lifes.

Early Bird 1400€ (until Feb 28th)

Regular 1700€

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